Recent Deals

We have helped many business owners achieve their goal of selling their business for the maximum value. However each project we take on is different, so we have put together a few case studies to show how we have helped business owners to achieve not only a monetary target with an optimum deal value, but achieve personal goals such as retirement, moving abroad, seed capital for starting a new business, the list goes on.

The following is a list of the businesses we have sold. Please click on the titles to read the full Case Study.

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Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering Businesses

Ref Description Turnover Deal completed in
HHM086 Sale of Building Mechanical Services Company £3.7m 4.5 months
HFS286 Sale of Manufacturer of Ground Support Equipment and Aircraft Production Tooling £1.2m 10 months
HGM043 Sale of Landscape Construction Company £1.9m 8 months
HEM024 Sale of Environmental Engineering Company – Asbestos Removal Specialist £8.1m 14 months
HDM214 Sale of Precision Component Engineering Company £1.0m 6 months
HDM169 Sale of Precision Engineering & CNC Machining Company £2.6m 11 months
HCM282 Acquisition of two Refactory Engineering Companies in Denmark, Europe EUR 4m 9 months
HDM100 Sale of Construction and Engineering Company in Queensland, Australia AUD 24.7m 8 months
HCM249 Sale of Civil & Structural Engineering Consultancy in Perth, Australia AUD 2.5m 6 months
HCM065 Sale of Specialist Gas-Spring Engineering Company £578k 8 months
HB0098 Sale of Precision Engineering, Tooling and Gauging Business £1.0m 6 months
HB0318 Sale of a plant maintenance, civil engineering and fabrication company £2m 9 months
HB0205 Sale of a niche precision engineering company £1.2m 10 months

Professional B2B Service Businesses

Ref Description Turnover Deal completed in
HGM111 Sale of a Provider of Fully Managed IT Support and Hosted / Cloud Services £1.3m 7 months
HFM261 Sale of Commercial Window Cleaning Company £800k 15 months
HEH115 Sale of IT Services and Support Company £2.0m 14 months
HFL081 Sale of Permanent and Temporary Staff Recruitment Agency £845k 8 months
HFM078 Sale of an Independent Software Vendor – Road Haulage Sector £680k 4 months
HES270 Sale of an Independent Software Vendor – Laboratory Information Management Systems AUD 1.1m 8 months
HFS216 Sale of Commercial Cleaning Subsidiary Company £2.2m 2 months
HEH106 Sale of IT Support & Hosted Services Company £2.1m 14 months
HDM331 Sale of a IT Support & Telecoms Company £677k 4 months
HES114 Sale of a Commercial Cleaning Services Company £620k 11 Months
HEM288 Sale of IT Support & Solutions Company £470k 3 months
HEM014 Sale of Telecoms & IT Support Company £570k 6 months
HEM079 Sale of IT Support & Cloud Services Provider £2.1m 6 months
HEH026 Sale of Sports Merchandise Company £1.3m 7 months
HDH106 Acquisition of general vending and coffee machine maintenance and service company £14m 10 months
HDM018 Sale of CRM Solutions Company £1.3m 4 months
HCM289 Sale of IT Support and Telecommunications Company £1.1m 10 months
HB0298 Sale of IT Support Company – Apple MAC Specialists £1.3m 6 months
HB0126 Sale of IT support and consultancy company £464k 4 months
HA0326 Sale of Corporate Gifts and Promotional Merchandise Company £640k 8 months
HB0137 Sale of an Accountancy Practice in London £300k 4 months
HB0166 Sale of a Hosted Virtual Desktop company £345k 10 months
H07261 Sale of Executive Chauffeur business £1.2m 36 months
H09110 Preparing an IT support company for sale £1.6m N/A
HB262 Sale of IT support company in Nottingham £820k 8 months