Buying a Business

Finding the right business

How do you find the right business? How do you uncover businesses for sale that are not openly marketed?

Buying a business can be a time consuming process. It takes much research, resources and experience to find the right target business. Many owners of businesses may be open to the sale of their company but have not instructed a business broker or corporate finance firm to market the business for sale openly.

We offer a business Acquisitions Service allowing buyers to benefit from our professional network and from our privileged contacts with business owners. Our Acquisitions Service will save you time and effort in your search and find the right business for your investment and growth strategy.

Once you have found the right business, the process of acquiring it begins. You will need to be aware of the risks and pitfalls of the negotiation, due diligence and transaction processes and have time to assess your position each step of the way.

Hornblower offers a unique end to end service the scope of which extends from researching the appropriate market and engaging with the directors of appropriate acquisition targets, through to managing the due diligence and transaction process alongside your own legal team.

We also assume a level of accountability for the whole transaction that we can guarantee will reduce the timeline to completion and minimise the legal costs for our clients.

For more information on our Acquisitions Service, please Contact us or complete our Acquisition Criteria form. All initial discussions are confidential and without obligation.