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Looking for a realistic Market-based business valuation?

Over recent years, Hornblower has sold over 90 businesses. Indeed, we sell over 80% of our sale assignments. So we know what businesses are sold for in real life.

Whilst businesses are mostly valued on a “multiple” of revenue or profit, our experience of selling a variety of businesses tells us that not all businesses are valued equally.

Our detailed business valuation report will look at the specifics of your business – the positives and the negatives – seen from a buyer’s perspective. The conclusion will be a considered opinion of the valuation and the likely deal structures that would be achieved were the business to be marketed for sale.

Reasons for obtaining a business valuation

  • Inter-director/shareholder negotiations: To facilitate agreement on the transfer of shares between company shareholders and/or directors.
  • Management Buy Out (MBO) negotiations: To set the price for the management team and assess how this could be financed.
  • Financial planning: To determine when you can retire and the funds you can expect to invest for your retirement.
  • Tax planning: An independent and reasoned report on the business value for representations to Tax Authorities / HMRC.

Why a Hornblower Business Valuation?

Established in 2006, Hornblower is an experienced business broker and seller of businesses. We have sold numerous SME and owner managed businesses in the engineering, technology and B2B service sectors.

We sell over 80% of our sale assignments, so we know what businesses are actually sold for. We can therefore offer a realistic appraisal of the valuation and deal structure that could be achieved.

Working with professional advisors

We are always happy to work alongside your professional advisors – accountants, wealth management advisors, commercial lawyers, private client lawyers, family lawyers and commercial finance brokers.

If you are a professional advisor in any of these areas, we would be delighted to talk to you to see how we can assist you with your clients’ needs.

Business Valuation Report Content and Fees

Our Business Valuation Report will include:

  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the business.
  • Comparison of the business metrics to industry norms and market trends.
  • Detailed analysis of the financial performance – historical and forecast.
  • A reasoned conclusion on valuation and deal structure that would be achieved were the business to be marketed for sale.

Our full business valuation reports cost £3,950 + VAT

Next steps to obtain your business valuation

  • Complete the enquiry form.
  • We will contact you within 2 hours to arrange a time to review your situation – free and without obligation and we would be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Engage Hornblower for your business valuation.
  • Provide us with a simple list of information.
  • Arrange a meeting or call with one of our experienced valuation consultants to review and appraise your business.
  • We will provide our report within 1 week of this review and receipt of information.

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