An independent assessment of your business

Know and be comfortable with your bottom-line negotiation position

Develop a marketing strategy for selling your business

The value of a business hinges on how much profit a buyer can make from it balanced by the risks involved. Past profitability and asset values are only the starting points, it is often intangible factors such as management, business relationships and client base that provide the key value. The type of buyer, the synergies with their own business and their business development plan will also determine the particular value of acquisition to them.

If you are selling, you will need to know and be comfortable with your bottom-line deal value and the asking price at which we will market your business. Because your business will represent different values to different buyers, we will review with you the target market and recommend the most appropriate marketing strategy.

Hornblower will prepare you a full Valuation Report. The report will:

– Look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business

– Compare your business metrics to industry norms and market trends

– Consider the types of buyer and the full potential value to them

– Use various valuation methods to ensure all aspects are taken into account

– Identify your bottom-line deal value negotiating position

– Recommend the most appropriate marketing strategy