Negotiation from Offer to Heads of Terms

Take time to consider each offer

Achieve the optimum deal value

Finding a buyer and obtaining an offer is just the first step. Negotiating what is included in the offer, the deal structure and the payment terms etc. can be a complicated and at times emotional process.

Hornblower will facilitate the negotiation process from receipt of the offer to signing the Heads of Terms Agreement and will work closely with your legal and financial advisors.

During the negotiation, we will act as a mediator between you (the vendor) and the buyer, always representing your best interests. We ask that all offers are addressed to Hornblower in order to allow you time to consider the offer and avoid being put on the spot by the buyer.

To summarise our Negotiation Mediation service, Hornblower will:

– Facilitate the negotiation process

– Discuss the offer with you and respond to the buyer

– Work closely with your legal and financial advisors to prepare the Heads of Terms