Receive enquiries from ‘qualified’ buyers

Keep buyer responses discreet and confidential

Avoid administrative burden of managing information for buyers

Receive regular status reports on buyer enquiries

Once the Marketing plan is underway, dealing with buyer responses and questions can be very time-consuming. Moreover, receiving calls and talking with buyers whilst at your office can be difficult and may compromise the confidentiality of your sale with regard to your employees. It is also essential that the buyer understands the confidential nature of the information provided and signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Hornblower will manage all responses and on going communication with prospective buyers. To ensure your confidentiality, we recommend that all buyers’ questions are directed to Hornblower. We also “qualify” buyers to evaluate their intentions and means, and so screen out all but serious applicants.

Once we have received a signed NDA from the buyer, we will provide a Sales Memorandum which gives an overiew of your business products, services, structure and finances.

Having established the serious intent of the buyer, we will organise an initial meeting either at your premises or at a discreet location. Wherever possible we will attend the meeting with the buyer in order to facilitate good communication from the outset.

Full Information Packs containing financial statements and other key details will be provided after the initial visit or once the buyer has demonstrated a suitable level of interest.

Hornblower will keep you up-to-date with the buyer enquiries throughout the marketing phase.

Our Buyer Management service is summarised as follows, we will:

– Qualify buyers to evaluate their intentions and means

– Ensure that buyers sign and return an NDA before providing any detailed information

– Provide Marketing brochures and field any questions from buyers

– Organise and attend meetings between you and the buyer

– Provide regular status reports on buyers’ enquiries