Business sale brokers, selling and buying businesses for engineering and professional B2B service sectors

Typical deal values are
£500k to £10m

We sell over 80% of our business sale
assignments within 12 months

We’re UK based with
international reach

Business Sale

Our business sale and acquisition consultants are highly experienced
in selling established SME businesses and negotiating the optimum

The key principles which will enable the successful sale of your business are:

Preparation – Choice of suitable buyers – Optimum deal value

Pro-active Transaction Management – Confidentiality

Hornblower’s Business Sales Service is based firmly on these principles and will guide you through the complete process of selling your business from initial valuation through to a successful sale.

Business Sale Service

Businesses For Sale

IT Support & Managed Services Provider

Turnover: £966k

Location: South Coast UK

Online Bridge Club

Turnover: £526k

Location: London

Sports Fanbase Engagement Apps Platform

Turnover: £4.2m

Location: South East UK

Recent Deals

Sale of Manufacturer & Supplier of Custom-Made Blinds

Turnover: £892k

Duration: 65 Months

Sale of Plastics Injection Moulding Manufacturer

Turnover: £2.4m

Duration: 8 Months

Sale of Food Packaging Machinery Provider

Turnover: £1.6m

Duration: 12 months

Looking to Buy a Business?

Find out how our business acquisitions service helps you find the right business.

Latest Business Sales News and Events

Thu 30th September 2021

When should you tell your staff about the sale of your business?

Another question we are often asked by business owners considering a sale of their business is, do I inform the staff about the sale? And if so, when? In most cases, the staff are told in the few days prior to completion of the deal, or even just afterwards. This is on the premise that...

Mon 30th August 2021

Growing your business through acquisition: The pros and cons

Growing a business is normally done in one of two ways (or a combination of both). Organic growth – where the business naturally gets bigger thanks to winning more business. And growth through acquisition – where a company buys other companies to grow their offering, staff and customer base more quickly. In this article, we’ll...

Mon 19th July 2021

Why keeping records helps you sell your business

Business owners fail to sell their business by not taking critical steps, a survey has found. And if they do manage to find a buyer, it may not achieve its full value, the report claims. The findings of the survey of business owners by the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) were reported in Forbes magazine. According...

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