Management of transaction from Heads of Terms to Deal Completion

Deal with due diligence queries quickly and effectively

Keep the deal on track

Completion of the deal from Heads of Terms through to signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement and completion can take typically two to three months. It is during this time that many deals fall through due to misunderstandings or unexpected issues.

Hornblower will remain in close contact with both parties and ensure that issues on either side are dealt with effectively, with the understanding and objective of keeping the deal on track.

Preparation of explicit information and data early on is key to achieving a smooth transaction. Hornblower insists on an upfront approach to avoid the process becoming bogged down in further negotiation due to new information coming to light which may affect the buyer’s position. (Much of this is dealt with in the Sale Preparation phase.)

Key Hornblower activities will include:

– Pro-active project management of the transaction process

– Regular communication with both buyer and vendor and their advisors

– Assistance in preparation of further information packs required by buyer or due diligence