Be ready with answers and documentation

Be sure the buyer can see the full value of your business

Prepare in advance for due-diligence

The objective of our Sale Preparation service is to ensure that you are equipped and ready with the right answers and documentation to respond to the prospective buyer’s enquiries and his eventual due diligence investigation.

The rule that the buyer will be working to is “buyer beware”. He will therefore want to find out as much as possible and will ask in-depth questions about your business before he submits an offer. Furthermore, after the Heads of Terms agreement, the buyer and his professional advisors will carry out a detailed commercial, financial and legal due diligence investigation.

Being able to respond to the buyer’s requests with the appropriate level of information with confidence and ready prepared documentation will greatly enhance the impression the buyer has of your business and the value he places on it.

Your relationship with the buyer will have an important influence on the success of the deal; how you react to questions from the prospective buyer will be key.

We will need to review any potentially difficult issues with you prior to marketing your business in order to decide how best to present them. Our advice is always to be upfront and explicit with all information given to the buyer. We will propose courses of action to mitigate the risk to the buyer and ensure the success of the deal.

To summarise our Sale Preparation service, Hornblower will:

– Work with you in advance to prepare responses and documentation for buyers enquiries

– Review any potential difficult issues and their presentation to buyers

– Advise on how to handle buyer visits and your interaction with buyers

Review a due diligence questionnaire and prepare responses