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Mon 8th October 2012

This month saw us taking on our first repeat client. This is something that not often happens in the business brokering business. Most of our clients are either looking to retire, move abroad or do something completely different that does not involve the long hours that tend to come with the territory of owning and running a business.

Our client built her first business offering virtual PA services over five years. Having built the business to a point where it was bringing in a good level of regular contracted revenue, with good profitability and running without her day-to-day involvement in service delivery, she felt it was time to move on with her next business venture. By finding the right buyer for the business, Hornblower achieved the optimum value for the business which she was then able to use as seed capital for the next venture.

Three years on, she and her business partner have built a highly profitable bid writing and management business helping SME and private sector corporates win government tenders. Again this B2B service sector business has a good level of recurring income and day-to-day operations run without their direct involvement. It is well for significant growth, but again it is time for our client to move on to the next venture!

Whilst we thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction of enabling business owners to retire or realise a complete change of lifestyle, we do like working with serial entrepreneurs too. If you are a serial entrepreneur looking forward to your next venture, we would love to hear from you. Indeed we are offering a free consultation on how to prepare your existing business to achieve the optimum sale value.

Please contact Henry Campbell-Jones on 020 8090 9380 or reply to this email to arrange a meeting.

For further details on this exciting bid writing and management company, click here.

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