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Fri 15th May 2020

5 benefits of merging your IT & managed services business

Consolidation and growth opportunities in 2020 We can be in no doubt that the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic on the economy will be felt for some time to come. At a macro-level there has been much talk of various profiles for the recovery, as we look to come out of lockdown, whether this be...

Thu 23rd April 2020

How to build a business worth multi-millions in 3 years?

Interview with an entrepreneur who has achieved just this – by Hornblower Business Sales & Acquisitions Consultant, Sian Murray  We, at Hornblower, first met Sue Nelson at a networking event in October 2016 when she suggested that the business was about a year away from selling.  When I asked her for her three years of...

Thu 10th April 2014

Four International Deals Completed in the last 12 months

In the last twelve months, Hornblower has completed four international deals, our last one being just last week: The sale of a AU$ 24m construction and engineering company in Queensland, Australia. The company was sold to a major civil engineering and construction group in Australia. The deal completed within 8 months of our approaching the...

Wed 17th April 2013

How to sell your business internationally

Have you considered selling your business internationally? While there are lots of potential buyers in the UK, your company may achieve a better sale price if you sell to an overseas business. The world’s economy has been interlinked for many years now, which means you have more options available. In fact figures show that more...

Wed 06th March 2013

Merger opportunity: Change management consultancy

We are currently working with a client who has a business transformation / change management consultancy, and who wishes to exit his business in order to retire. The company has a highly desirable high profile customer base and generates good profits; however as with many small consultancy based businesses for sale, there are several issues...

Mon 08th October 2012

Our first repeat client

This month saw us taking on our first repeat client. This is something that not often happens in the business brokering business. Most of our clients are either looking to retire, move abroad or do something completely different that does not involve the long hours that tend to come with the territory of owning and...