How to maximise the value of your ICT business?

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Fri 16th January 2015

So far we have looked at valuations, deal structures and what are the tipping points that drive sales and acquisition activity between SME’s in the IT support and telecoms market.

Where your business sits within the upper and lower limits of the valuation range will depend on the strength of your business. It is factors such as the proportion of revenue generated through client service contracts and the contractual terms, which determine the value to a potential buyer.

In the next part of the E-tutorial, we will look at how to prepare your business to attract optimum offers, whatever your financial metrics, focusing on the following aspects of your ICT business.

– Sales and Marketing
– Operations
– Financial management
– Legal documentation

We will also look at what information you will need to present to prospective buyers of ICT businesses and how to negotiate the deal.

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