Specialists in sales, mergers and acquisitions of marketing, graphic design and advertising businesses

The prime objective of Hornblower is to sell marketing businesses quickly, efficiently and for the optimum deal value.

With our extensive knowledge of the marketing, graphic design and advertising sector, our hands-on service and our extensive network of buyers, we can ensure you are prepared for the sale and that we find the right buyer for your business.

Please take a moment to peruse our website, find out more About Us and how to value, prepare and sell or merge your business.

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Merging your marketing business

Are you looking to expand and grow your business?

Are you finding organic growth a long process?

Are you bogged down in administrative and operational tasks, rather than developing the business?

Merger could provide the ideal solution.

Three reasons to merge your marketing business:

  1. Retain your equity but invest it in forming a larger business.
  2. Release yourself from day-to-day administrative and operational tasks. In a larger organisation, these tasks can be shared or delegated.
  3. Think to the long term: Larger businesses sell for higher multiples.

In the same way as we sell businesses, we can help you are prepare your business for merger and find the right merger partner for your business.

Please Contact Us on 020 8090 9380 for a FREE Appraisal and initial consultation on the best strategy for your business.

Buying a marketing business

For buyers, please review our latest Businesses for Sale and Join our mailing list.

Whether you are looking to acquire a marketing business or find a suitable merger partner, please tell us what you are looking for by filling in the reply form on the Acquisition Criteria page. For serious buyers, we will post a listing on our Business Wanted page