Stairlift Supplier (Rentals and Sales)

Reference Number: HND027

Location: South East UK

Turnover: £612k


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Stairlift Supplier (Rentals and Sales)

An opportunity has arisen to purchase a Stairlift Supplier (Rentals and Sales) based in Southern England, in close proximity to London. This business has operated as a specialist in the sale, rental, installation and ongoing maintenance of new and reconditioned stairlifts for almost 3 decades.

The company is founded on strong principles and integrity in the delivery of its products and services, ensuring practical solutions in sustaining the independence and mobility of its end clients in their homes. It also holds Trusted Trader status with the leading consumer platform, Which?®.

This business leads with solid engineering expertise to install stairlifts to accommodate any staircase configuration, with the ability to adapt straight stairlifts or construct curved stairlifts according to the demands of each specific project.

Operating primarily across North and West London and the neighbouring environs of South East England, this business has developed a reputation for excellence and reliability amongst its loyal client base which includes local authorities, hospices and leading charities as the stairlift provider of choice.

The company benefits from a well-established business model, which ensures a reliable recurring revenue stream through inbuilt maintenance contracts. These renewable service contracts consistently generate income for the company at a rate of £8,000 - £10,000 per month.

The company has also developed recognised environmental sustainability credentials and practices in its way of working, promoting the recycling and re-use of all stairlift construction materials and minimising waste.

With its proven operational model, prolific client network and in-house stairlift engineering expertise, this business is well-positioned for geographical expansion throughout the UK.



  • Established client network of local authorities, hospices and leading charities.
  • 28-year trading history.
  • Reliable recurring revenue stream through maintenance contracts.
  • Senior Engineering team with decades of cumulative experience.
  • Expertise in providing bespoke solutions for complex installations.
  • Trusted Trader with Which? ®.
  • Environmentally sustainable work practices.


Financial Overview

Y/E: 30th Sep 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 f/c
Sales revenue £639,699 £676,250 £646,233 £604,440 £612,930
Gross profit £509,111 £508,042 £479,861 £477,572 £483,003
Percentage 80% 75% 74% 79% 79%
Adjusted EBITDA £151,566 £157,860 £126,340 £138,353 £178,463
Percentage 24% 23% 20% 23% 29%

Directors’ replacement cost is accounted for within the Adjusted EBITDA.


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