Sports Fanbase Engagement Apps Platform

Reference Number: HLS089

Location: South East UK

Turnover: Pre-Revenue

Status: Offers Invited

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Sports Fanbase Engagement Apps Platform

An exciting opportunity has arisen to acquire a sports fanbase platform built on leading-edge technology and a fast-growing community of active users. Since going live, the platform has emerged as a new and dynamic social media tool designed to give sports fans a bigger, collective voice and interact with the sports, teams and players they are passionate about.

Through the company’s apps, developed in the 3 sporting areas of Football, Motorsports and Boxing, gamification meets reality in real-time fan engagement and activities. The app has been embraced globally and has many influential business partners and sponsors across the media, sports and retail world. The business is also supported by several accomplished sporting figures serving as brand ambassadors and early-stage shareholders.

The relevance and timeliness of the app has been emphasised through the impact of the Covid19 pandemic, which has demonstrated changing trends in the consumption of sports to digital platforms. It also reflects the need for fans to have a voice in how the sports they follow are structured, as demonstrated in the recent response to the proposed European Super League.

The apps developed by the company offer a consolidated and safe space for sports fans to communicate and engage with the sports, teams and sporting personalities they support. Key features also include interactive video enhancements, fan predictions on game outcomes and the ability for sports pundits to communicate directly with fans by video and have the fans participate in live sports broadcasts.

The technology on offer delivers ample opportunity to access a wealth of fan data provided by users across all apps in one convenient place, made possible by the company’s custom-built CMS tool. This valuable aspect of the company’s IP offering benefits from a highly intuitive, user-friendly design and delivers the ability to access information and analytics at a granular level.

Having successfully implemented a strategy of building a strong user community and technological assets, this dynamic company is strongly positioned to realise a number of commercial revenue streams. The company has recently secured a TV deal to commission programmes for each of the 3 app areas of Football, Motorsports and Boxing. These programmes will use fan data derived from the app, as well as integrating video contributions from fans into its broadcasts. Other identified revenue streams include gambling options, sponsorships, merchandising and the inbuilt capabilities of the existing technology to apply to a range of other sports.



  • Young, fast-growing sports fanbase platform built on leading-edge technology
  • 125,000+ verified active users in the football app alone
  • Strong IP in the form of a custom-built CMS tool
  • Unique digital/social media tool delivering real-time fan engagement and activities
  • Supported by influential business partners, sponsors and high-profile sporting figures as Brand Ambassadors
  • Positioned to realise a range of commercial revenue streams


Revenue Generation

Revenue Income Opportunities: The tech has been built and tested and has a robust set of users, now it is ready to be monetised:

  • Sponsorship
  • Gambling/ Gaming
  • YouTube advert income
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Advertising within the app
  • Campaigns to app users/ targeted alerts
  • Data sales
  • Data mining
  • White Label
  • Competitions
  • Tote style competitions
  • Bespoke solutions for sports

A high-level overview of what the Application can produce for brands and businesses:

  • Owning your own platform
  • Creating your own community
  • Monetizing your existing audience with a new platform
  • Become less reliant on social media algorithms - more independent
  • Leveraging push notifications for marketing efforts
  • In-app purchases
  • Access to a new pool of exclusive users

Offers invited

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