R&D Funding & Tax Relief Advisors

Reference Number: HIS296

Location: South East UK

Turnover: £2.4m

Status: SOLD

R&D Funding & Tax Relief Advisors

An exciting opportunity has arisen to purchase a specialist R&D tax relief company with a highly profitable and scalable model. Within 5 years of trading, this dynamic business has developed a strong market presence and reputation, accessible brand, specialising in advising and securing government R&D funding for businesses in the SME space to allocated government funding for R&D investment.

The company has built a stable client base across a range of sectors and benefits from an experienced, dedicated team of specialists, who have developed a positive relationship with HMRC, positioning the business as a credible expert in the field. To date, the company has worked with over 850 clients and secured £51 million in cash or tax relief for clients – generating high levels of client trust, resulting in repeat business accounting for 40% of turnover.

The company has also achieved recognition as an innovative business, through a number of industry awards. Having attained strong revenues and consistent year-on-year growth, this opportunity presents a scalable business with significant scope for expansion.



  • Scalable business model
  • High quality of client interaction
  • Established, positive relationship with HMRC
  • Distinctive brand values and differentiation in sector
  • Repeat business accounting for 40% of turnover
  • Award-winning innovative business
  • Significant opportunities for growth


Financial overview

Y/E: 31st Dec 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 (FCT)
Sales revenue £579,429 £1,042,290 £1,178,971 £1,793,904 £2,400,000
Gross profit £545,862 £904,233 £1,025,992 £1,658,799 £2,165,200
Percentage 94% 87% 87% 91% 90%
Adjusted EBITDA £16,908 £174,603 £180,946 £784,636 £1,036,458
Percentage 3% 17% 15% 43% 43%

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