Pressure Relief Equipment Manufacturer

Reference Number: HMM269

Location: UK

Turnover: £2.5m

Status: Offers Invited

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Pressure Relief Equipment Manufacturer

An opportunity has arisen to purchase a leading UK manufacturer of pressure relief equipment. The company’s commitment to high standards of product quality and service has ensured a loyal international customer base across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Benefitting from 20 years of trading this business provides a wide selection of valves for a variety of applications. The company provides essential pressure control, maintenance and safety solutions across the Bulk Storage, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Wastewater and Industrial Chemical sectors.

The company manufactures a range of equipment across a spectrum of size options and a variety of metals, plastics and special applications, offering flexible product design to satisfy standard and non-standard applications.

The company also offers an after sales service incorporating maintenance, installations and site surveys. Maintenance works can be supported on the client’s site, or from the company’s manufacturing facility.

The company operates from a dedicated UK manufacturing plant, operating with established and knowledgeable welders, fitters, machinists and administrators, headed by a senior management and second-tier management team.

The company is well-positioned to exploit growth in a variety of areas, which include expansion of its product range and service offering, exploring new and underserved geographical territories for further distribution and enhancing manufacturing processes.



  • Reliable Manufacturer / Supplier with excellent bespoke problem-solving capability.
  • High quality product range and engineering expertise.
  • Longstanding and large International and UK customer base.
  • Ability to manufacture valves across a spectrum of sizes, metals, plastics and special applications.
  • Proven capability to supply to the largest petrochemical oil and gas storage companies.


Financial Overview

F/Y: 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 f/c
Sales revenue £1,573,550 £1,587,157 £1,602,993 £1,535,608 £2,254,276 £2,555,900
Gross profit £721,259 £748,006 £701,289 £649,982 £1,127,892 £1,271,558
Percentage 46% 47% 44% 42% 50% 50%
Adjusted EBITDA £508,643 £497,682 £446,544 £373,705 £759,390 £915,314
Percentage 32% 31% 28% 24% 34% 36%

Directors’ replacement cost is accounted for within the Adjusted EBITDA.

Offers Invited

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