Polymer Raw Materials Distribution Company

Reference Number: HMM006

Location: UK

Turnover: £27.5m


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Polymer Raw Materials Distribution Company

A unique opportunity has arisen to acquire an international distributor of Polymer raw materials. This highly reputable business, benefits from a solid trading history and a loyal customer base, with many of its customers trading with the company since its inception. The company operates on a financially independent basis and is driven by a strong technical focus, facilitating its global coverage.

In serving its established customer base of resellers and end-users, this business is led by a policy to sell the maximum amount of material to end-user customers and sells outside of Europe via trader partners, many of which have been working with the company for 10 or more years.

The company caters to its customer and supplier base, providing a wide range of high-quality raw materials through an established supply chain and the buying power to purchase synthetic raw material.

Guided by the values of ethical management and transparency, the purchase and distribution of its products are conducted in line with its clearly defined ethical standards.

The company operates with a multinational, technically knowledgeable team based in the UK and across Europe and the USA.

The company’s cumulative expertise on products and markets enables an informed approach, with up-to-date knowledge on the performance of regional markets and economic activities in the rubber industry at a local level.



  • 30 years trading history.
  • International presence across Europe, USA and Asia.
  • Loyal and longstanding customer base.
  • Established supply chain.
  • Unparalleled technical expertise.
  • Ethical purchase and distribution practices.
  • Significant opportunity to rationalise and centralise the core functions of the company.


Financial Overview

Y/E: 31st December 2019 2020 2021
Sales revenue £23,709,760 £21,453,776 £27,592,146
Gross profit £1,314,240 £3,765,179 £10,032,745
Percentage 6% 18% 36%
Adjusted EBITDA -£863,212 £851,966 £7,543,190
Percentage -4% 4% 27%



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