Plastics Injection Moulding Manufacturer

Reference Number: HJM177

Location: South East England

Turnover: £2.4m

Status: SOLD

Plastics Injection Moulding Manufacturer

An opportunity to acquire a reputable plastics injection moulding manufacturer, providing a suite of products primarily for the airline catering industry, based in the South East of the UK.

The Company enjoys a robust and long-standing trading record of over 30 years with a range of household names and prominent players in the airline industry, ranging from large, international airlines through to budget operators. The company also serves a range of key suppliers to the travel and hospitality sectors.

As a specialist in providing a niche range of injection moulded polycarbonate catering equipment, the Company manufactures a range of products designed and developed to ensure durability, strength and heat-resistance to meet the high impact-demands of the airline industry. The company owns approximately 20 manufacturing tools essential to the provision of products for their customer base.

The Company actively adheres to environmentally conscious and sustainability practices, producing an increasing range of alternatives to single use plastics and the majority of its customers are using recyclable items.

The Company benefits from the expertise of a highly experienced and efficient team, with manufacturing operations currently structured in three shifts. Lead generation is currently reliant on an organic approach, focused on direct contact from the existing customer base, indicating considerable scope for scalability and expansion.



  • Over 30 years of trading history, demonstrating market expertise and resilience
  • Highly reputable supplier to prominent international and budget airlines
  • Highly profitable with strong balance sheet and no debt
  • Ownership of approximately 20 injection moulding tools and machinery with strong customer dependency
  • Established range of airline catering products with ability to provide bespoke products to individual customer requirements
  • Low proportion of single use plastics and significant range of environmentally friendly alternatives


Financial Overview

Y/E: 31st May 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020(F/C)
Sales revenue £2,221,212 £2,500,755 £2,316,934 £2,324,550 £2,400,000
Gross profit £836,358 £864,030 £619,184 £679,979 £698,000
Percentage 38% 35% 27% 29% 29%
Adjusted EBITDA £688,189 £713,925 £454,727 £503,475 £522,573
Percentage 31% 29% 20% 22% 22%


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