Online Bridge Club

Reference Number: HLD104

Location: London

Turnover: £526k


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Online Bridge Club

An exciting opportunity has arisen to acquire a well-established online bridge club with over 2 decades of trading history. Based in London, this online gaming company enjoys a thriving membership base of dedicated bridge players across the world.

Originally formed as a dedicated consortium focused on providing a high-quality online bridge experience, this business operates with a custom-built software system with all intellectual rights 100% owned by the company. The system has been in operation for 24 years and has undergone continuous developments by the company’s team of accomplished mathematicians, programmers and bridge players. The latest software iteration is an HTML5 program designed for compatibility with all devices and operating systems.

The online bridge club has over 8,000 active members, with an average of 500 - 1,000 players online at peak times, playing on a professional or casual basis. The membership of this bridge playing community is loyal, with a significant core renewing their subscriptions and maintaining their membership status for a several years.

The club caters for both SAYC and ACOL players and has key membership features which include access to a range of bridge tournaments, player ratings and leader boards. It also offers a range of support options for members which include online coaching and teaching rooms for bridge novices and improvers.

The online platform is run by a well-established and highly skilled team working remotely and cohesively, delivering essential support for the membership community and ensuring the optimum online gaming experience for members to engage with. The platform is supported by dedicated servers, configured as a range of virtual cloud servers delivering all the club’s services.

This business benefits from several identified areas for growth, with the option to update its business model to open up further opportunities for revenue generation. There is also potential for the business to develop additional functions to the platform and to expand the current membership base to incorporate the global bridge playing communities.



  • Over 2 decades of trading history
  • Custom-built software system with all intellectual rights 100% owned by the company
  • Thriving membership base of 8,000+.
  • Loyal membership core with high levels of subscription renewals
  • Highly skilled team of engineers, mathematicians and bridge players
  • Various identified and viable growth opportunities.


Financial Overview

Y/E: 28th February 2018 2019 2020 2021
Sales revenue £74,040 £82,373 £90,514 £526,018
Gross profit £18,428 £22,629 £36,067 £346,848
Percentage 25% 27% 40% 66%
Adjusted EBITDA £5,682 £8,206 £23,233 £210,100
Percentage 8% 10% 26% 40%


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