Natural Floors Commercial Cleaning Company

Reference Number: HOS729

Location: London

Turnover: £1.2m

Status: Offers Invited

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Natural Floors Commercial Cleaning  Company

An opportunity has arisen to acquire a specialist cleaning company delivering natural floor cleaning and maintenance services to cleaning companies to supplement their routine cleaning tasks for their commercial clients.

This business specialises in high-quality cleaning of natural flooring and deep carpet cleaning using technical expertise and equipment, deploying a range of cleaning processes, which include vitrification, diamond cutting, polishing and the application of sealing products. It has the ability to carry out extensive restoration and maintenance work on a full range of natural surfaces, which include stone flooring, ceramic and porcelain surfaces and wood flooring.

With almost 2 decades of trading, this company has developed solid professional relationships with a network of cleaning contractors and facilities managers throughout London. The company has to date completed an extensive range of projects in large scale commercial spaces, retail outlets, hotels and premium offices.

The company operates with a dedicated team of skilled staff, who are trained to keep abreast of the latest developments within this industry. The business is committed to supporting sustainable practices, through its status as a Carbon Neutral accreditation with Net Zero and its Green Achiever registration.

The company strives to build opportunities for growth and has attained an Agency Agreement with a reputable floor sealing product manufacturer, to use its innovative product exclusively in the UK. The product has a range of applications, which include anti-slip, anti-graffiti and protection from staining. The company has rolled out this product to its client base and have already had successful results using the product in a prominent, large-scale retail outlet.



  • Strong product offering providing specialised cleaning services.
  • Established client network of commercial cleaning contractors throughout London.
  • Technical expertise in delivering service represents high barrier to entry.
  • Demonstrably resilient cleaning business, which retained a profitable position during Covid Pandemic.
  • Opportunities for growth through an Agency Agreement giving exclusive UK use of an innovative cleaning system.


Financial Overview

F/Y: 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 F/C
Sales revenue £878,384 £592,587 £764,808 £789,137 £999,907 £1,200,000
Gross profit £405,471 £297,735 £437,929 £438,642 £482,909 £412,537
Percentage 46% 50% 57% 56% 48% 48%
Adjusted EBITDA £61,669 £21,382 £121,995 £88,889 £146,441 £192,295
Percentage 7% 4% 16% 11% 15% 16%

Directors’ replacement cost is accounted for within the Adjusted EBITDA.

Offers Invited

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