Market Research Agency

Market Research Agency

An opportunity has arisen to acquire an independent UK-based market research agency. Established for over 16 years this award-winning company has a multidisciplinary approach, deploying a comprehensive range of research methodologies.

This company has built a thriving client base, comprising high-profile government agencies, regulatory bodies, charities, commercial clients, and well-known brands.

The company leads with a strong environmental focus, developing expertise in research relating to climate change response, sustainable practices, renewable energy, environmental policy development and environmental protection. As part of this focus, it has also attracted clients with brands or products with an ethical and/or sustainability market position.

The company has solid professional credentials. It is a Company Partner of the Market Research Society (MRS) and members of the team hold professional associations with the Social Research Association (SRA) and the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR).

The business has a strong organisational structure employing a Managing Director who is supported by an ambitious management team. The company has a highly qualified team of researchers with strong career backgrounds, both qualitative and quantitative disciplines, business development skills and experience across a range of sectors.



  • Established for 16 years, a highly visible, award winning market research agency.
  • Providing qualitative and quantitative research to deliver strategic insight, behavioural analysis, citizen & stakeholder engagement, consultation analysis, campaign and communication development.
  • Cross sector expertise with specialisms in government and social research, utilities and regulated sectors, consumer and trade bodies, commercial brands and marketing agencies.
  • Growth through adopting innovative methods, attracting high calibre employees, expanding client base and increasing revenue.
  • Highly qualified, experienced multidisciplinary research team.
  • Ethos of collaborative client partnerships built on high levels of service and an unwavering drive for quality.


Financial Overview

FY 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 F/C
Sales revenue £741,546 £858,794 £923,173 £1,013,701 £1,738,110
Gross profit £468,822 £626,117 £668,784 £709,490 £1,216,677
Percentage 63% 73% 72% 70% 70%
Adjusted EBITDA £65,807 £206,749 £132,429 £114,722 £239,921
Percentage 9% 24% 14% 11% 14%

Directors’ replacement cost is accounted for within the Adjusted EBITDA.


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