Gas and Oil Tube Fittings Supplier

Reference Number: HMM246

Location: Northern England

Turnover: £1.2m

Status: SOLD

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Gas and Oil Tube Fittings Supplier

An opportunity has arisen to acquire a prominent supplier of tube and pipe fittings to the oil, gas, power and process industries. This business benefits from a consistent record of profitability, delivering a diverse range of thousands of product lines from its warehouse located in the North of England.

Throughout its years of trading, this company has built a global customer base in the energy sectors, sustained by long term supplier relationships with reputable manufacturers within the industry.

The company serves its wide customer base with the values of deep industry knowledge and a highly personal approach to customer service. Along with its wide range of standard products in the form of pipe fittings, tube fittings and valves, the business specialises in producing custom-made tube systems, sub-assemblies, and fabricated components to customer specifications. This highly focused delivery of products and services is a crucial factor in the company’s steady performance, typically generating turnover figures of £1M - £1.2M per annum.

The company benefits from a highly skilled, knowledgeable team of staff, who have served with the company for a number of years. Operationally, the business has a well-developed management structure, strengthened by a clearly defined business process, ensuring that customers receive a quality service – from initial enquiry, through to delivery.

The company’s prominent profile within the power and gas sectors and its proven manufacturing and product expertise places the company in a strong position for growth within a highly specialised and expanding industry.



  • 25 years trading history
  • Profitable business achieving annual turnover of £1M - £1.2M
  • Global customer base in the oil, gas and power sectors
  • Well-stocked warehousing facility with thousands of product lines
  • Specialism in fabricating custom-made solutions to client specifications
  • Long-serving, knowledgeable staff delivering quality customer service


Financial Overview

Y/E:       30th Sept 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Sales revenue £965,561 £1,104,775 £1,225,055 £1,004,552 £1,237,504
Gross profit £440,152 £523,280 £629,066 £491,166 £674,017
Percentage 46% 47% 51% 49% 54%
Adjusted EBITDA £218,455 £278,730 £402,994 £249,072 £364,935
Percentage 23% 25% 33% 25% 29%

Directors’ replacement cost is accounted for within the Adjusted EBITDA.


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