Critical Infrastructure & Cyber Security Company

Reference Number: HMM013

Location: Midlands UK

Turnover: £4.9m


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Critical Infrastructure & Cyber Security Company

A unique opportunity has arisen to acquire a critical infrastructure and cyber security specialist based in the Midlands, UK. Established in 2015, this company has gained prominence in the delivery of high security and classified services to a range of public sector clients across the UK and a selection of sites overseas.

The company is positioned as a highly reputed provider of secure government approved facilities, which include the design and building of high security data centres, fixed IT infrastructure and physical security. The company also has capabilities as a Main Contractor under CDM regulations and is approved as a Site Co-ordinating Installation Design Authority (SCIDA), under the requirements of the MoD.

This ISO 9001:2015 accredited organisation holds a range of additional accreditations, some of which are specific to national security. Its dynamic workforce of 26 members of staff, all hold Government security clearances and have decades of aggregated military experience, facilitating a deep expertise in the complex and varied requirements of their client base. The team also benefits from a well-aligned operational structure and a strong management team with planned succession already in place.

This business presents a potential acquirer with well-defined opportunities for further growth through its current activities and plans for the future. The company has a strong and consistent pipeline in place and a number of additional industry accreditations and governmental and commercial frameworks in progress. These factors position this company as a highly desirable prospect for an acquirer to take it forward to the next level of profitability and performance.



  • Specialist UK Defence Contractor with government approved security accreditation
  • Prominent high security and classified services provider
  • Well established base of government and private sector clients
  • Capabilities as a Main Contractor
  • Approved SCIDA (Installation Design Authority) supplier for the MoD
  • Highly accredited in the area of government-level security requirements
  • Well defined opportunities for further growth


Financial Overview

Y/E: 31st March 2019 2020 2021 2022
Sales revenue £500,318 £1,167,362 £2,970,920 £4,955,635
Gross profit £255,962 £678,602 £1,570,772 £2,362,336
Percentage 51% 58% 53% 48%
Adjusted EBITDA -£5,834 £81,862 £421,507 £1,008,934
Percentage -1% 7% 14% 20%

Adjusted EBITDA is stated after directors’ replacement costs.



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