Commercial Cleaning Services Company

Reference Number: HJD206

Location: Hampshire, UK

Turnover: £208k


Commercial Cleaning Services Company

An attractive opportunity to acquire a well-established, family run commercial cleaning services company based in Hampshire.

With over 30 years of trading history and industry experience, this thriving business has developed a growing client base, providing services for a range of businesses including manufacturers, healthcare, retail outlets and business centres. The company has maintained longstanding relationships with over thirty regular customers.

The business primarily focuses on providing regular office cleaning services, catering to a broad range of office spaces across a variety of business sectors. The company is also able to provide heavy cleaning and special cleaning projects as required.

In addition to the main offering of office cleaning, the company has secured a number of commercial cleaning contracts for retail and industrial units, and end of tenancy projects.

The business benefits from a dedicated, longstanding team of cleaning staff with a demonstrable record for years of service within the company and a reputation for delivering high standards of service.

As a firmly established business with a solid local presence, this business is poised for growth, presenting an attractive acquisition, either as an add-on to an existing cleaning business or as a standalone concern delivering a complete suite of cleaning solutions.



  • 30 years of trading history with scope for regional expansion
  • Strong local presence across key locations in home region
  • Robust client base across a range of business and commercial sectors
  • Established service portfolio with scope to extend offering


Financial overview

Y/E:31st March 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 (FCT)
Sales revenue £208,083 £197,533 £189,105 £201,966 £208,574
Gross profit £96,526 £94,319 £92,615 £93,073 £94,540
Percentage 46% 48% 49% 46% 45%
Adjusted EBITDA £50,169 £49,249 £48,040 £48,114 £54,683
Percentage 24% 25% 25% 24% 24%

Adjusted EBITDA is stated having accounted for the replacement costs of the directors.



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