Business Training, Coaching and Development Company

Business Training, Coaching and Development Company

An opportunity has arisen to acquire a business training, coaching and development company based in London. Benefitting from decades in practice, this company has progressed as a highly reputable and recognisable brand with an impressive roster of high-profile clients across a range of industries.

This business specialises in delivering its portfolio of training courses, 1 to 1 coaching programmes and roleplaying sessions to individuals within professional settings, with a focus on working with senior level executives to improve communication, leadership and performance. Companies featured within its loyal and longstanding client base include Magic Circle legal firms, Big Four accountancy firms, leading business management consultancies and multinational pharmaceutical giants.

The range of courses, which have been fully developed and owned by the company, have been adapted to a digital format in response to the Covid19 induced trend towards working from home. This development enables this company to deliver flexible, hybrid solutions for their clients.

This business leads with the delivery of Roleplay sessions with actors and facilitators benefitting from extensive business insights and experience. The company has a well-qualified and experienced network of trainers, coaches, facilitators, and role-players, bringing expertise in areas including Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, Mindfulness Coaching and Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Insights Discovery Profiling accreditations.



  • Well-established training and coaching brand with decades of industry experience.
  • High-profile client base including ‘Magic Circle’ legal firms and ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms.
  • Loyal and longstanding client base.
  • Portfolio of courses developed and owned by the company.
  • Highly qualified and experienced network of coaches, trainers and facilitators.


Financial Overview

Y/E: 31st July 2019 2020 2021 2022(F/C) 2023(F/C)
Sales revenue £2,105,552 £1,613,524 £1,146,334 £1,537,096 £1,600,000
Gross profit £723,444 £389,453 £539,937 £654,159 £700,000
Percentage 34% 24% 47% 43% 44%
Adjusted EBITDA £764,660 £437,442 £354,647 £440,454 £490,000
Percentage 36% 27% 31% 29% 31%


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