Building Services & Painting/Coatings Contractor

Reference Number: HJM199

Location: Midlands

Turnover: £3.4m


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Building Services & Painting/Coatings Contractor

An opportunity has arisen to acquire a longstanding, family owned professional building services contractor based in the Midlands. This business benefits from a loyal repeat client base and has a reputation for consistently delivering quality specialist services.

Since it was founded the company has built a robust heritage led by quality tradesmanship, expertise and adaptability within the highly competitive and evolving construction market. This dynamic business benefits from a diverse and extensive client base ranging from public authorities and large commercial and industrial players to smaller projects involving private landlords and individual homeowners. The company also carries significant expertise in executing projects alongside professional contractors such as asset managers, architects and estate managers.

The company delivers an extensive service offering, comprised of Building Services, On-Site Spraying, Protective Coatings and Painting Services. This business has the capability to deliver contracts of all sizes, from small individual projects through to large scale national contracts. The company is uniquely placed to meet all or part of customer project needs, from the design and build stage, through to finishing, completion and handover of projects.

With a wealth of construction knowledge, as well as ISO9001, ISO4001 and CHAS accreditations, the company’s workforce brings strong leadership and management on each project. These qualities are complemented by the delivery of high-quality workmanship and maintenance of a safe working environment throughout the duration of each project for clients, employees and the public.

Over decades of trading the company has demonstrated agility and resilience to the demands of a highly competitive market and maintained its relevance with a comprehensive range of services and dedication to quality results. This presents an attractive opportunity to acquire a mature and well-positioned business with scope for further growth for its specialist services for further commercial and public sector clients across the UK.



  • Longstanding, family owned business with over fifty years of trading
  • Diverse and extensive client base in commercial and public sectors
  • Established offering of specialist building services
  • Capability to deliver contracts of all sizes
  • Impressive reputation for delivering quality tradesmanship and expertise
  • Agile and resilient approach ensuring longevity in a competitive, evolving market
  • ISO9001, ISO4001 and CHAS accreditations


Financial Overview

Y/E: 31st January 2017 2018 2019 2020
Sales revenue £4,653,198 £4,454,129 £4,461,030 £3,475,483
Gross profit £1,442,741 £1,437,689 £1,297,290 £1,057,906
Percentage 31% 32% 29% 30%
Adjusted EBITDA £953,491 £939,122 £832,355 £568,422
Percentage 20% 21% 19% 16%

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