Brewery & Pub Company

Reference Number: HJM123

Location: Midlands UK

Turnover: £2.1m

Status: Offers Invited

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Brewery & Pub Company

A unique opportunity has arisen to acquire or invest in a successful Midlands based brewery and its associated company, which operates a growing portfolio of pubs.

The combined companies have gained recognition within the industry since inception, with the brewery, product range and pub portfolio attaining multiple awards on a year-by-year basis. The brewery has developed a range of quality cask ales, bitters, beers, porters and stouts produced with traditional expertise and artisanal values and it uses this range through its distinctive pub outlets reflecting local heritage.

The brewery has cultivated its product range under an umbrella of strong branding which is not only highly relevant locally but also would have national appeal and even international recognition.

Over 8 years of trading, the business has maintained profitability in contrast to general market trends. The business benefits from a strong balance sheet and no external debt. Despite challenging market conditions, the Brewery has maintained a healthy production level with a strategic focus on high margin volume. This indicates a clear opportunity for growth in terms of increased capacity.

The portfolio of pubs operates through a company-devised Manager-Franchisee model. Each outlet is located in key, accessible locations serving the local community in a warm, welcoming setting.  Each outlet has been selected and refurbished with a view to restore and enhance the original character and qualities of each building.

The business benefits from a team of 80 staff between both companies, with an established, scalable organisational structure. The team is characterised by a strong work ethic and dedication to providing and maintaining the high standards of quality in the range of products which the business has come to be known for.



  • Multiple award-winning business
  • Solid range of quality cask ales, bitters, beers, porters and stouts
  • Strong branding which has local meaning but would have national appeal
  • Portfolio of distinctive pubs in key locations
  • Profitable track record, against overall market trends
  • Established team with scalable organisational structure


Financial overview

YE: 31st March   2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022(F/C)
Sales revenue £1,463,417 £2,320,602 £2,723,014 £2,400,799 £879,018 £2,142,793
Gross profit £516,719 £745,491 £874,125 £728,542 -£17,862 £1,226,196
Percentage 35% 32% 32% 30% -2% 57%
Adjusted EBITDA £121,588 £167,378 £182,044 £83,921 £131,708 £226,810
Percentage 8% 7% 7% 3% 15% 11%

The current owners are keen to investigate whether a brewery trade company or a general investor would be keen to exploit the significant opportunities that the company now has before it and to fast track the development of particularly the brewery product range by either acquiring the company/ies outright, or by becoming an active majority shareholder.

Offers Invited

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