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Thu 01st September 2022

Is an acquisition right for your business?

Is an acquisition right for my business? According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, business acquisition in the UK was valued at £4billion in the first quarter of 2022. With such value, you may be wondering whether an acquisition is right for your business? Buying another business to integrate into your own is...

Fri 18th August 2017

What is the market like for selling your business?

With the holiday season in full swing, and the occasional ray of sunshine, we often find that July and August is a time when business owners take a step back and reflect on their future, both personally and for the business, and consider a business sale. One of the questions we are frequently asked is:...

Fri 20th January 2017

Will 2017 be a good year for selling your business?

2016 was another good year for Hornblower and the M&A market in general. We have been busy especially during December and January so far reaching heads of terms on four of our sale mandates. The number of business owners deciding to sell has remained steady, but at the same time there is an increasing number...

Thu 13th October 2016

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Business?

(updated 19th November 2023) One of the first questions we get whenever we talk to potential clients about this is, “how long is this whole process going to take?” And we get it – it’s a massive decision to sell your business and knowing typically how long the process is going to take can help...

Thu 28th July 2016

Will Brexit affect the sale of your business?

It is now over a month since the Brexit vote and we have seen many changes in the political landscape. However, on the ground in the world of selling owner managed businesses, there seems to be little impact so far. Despite the usual slowdown in activity over the summer, we continue to receive a good...

Wed 10th February 2016

Finding an international buyer for your business

In the past few months, we have concluded a number of M&A deals with overseas buyers – and we are continuing to receive interest from international buyers for a number of our UK based clients’ businesses which we are marketing for sale. Recent deals include: The sale of a £2m Commercial Cleaning Company to an...

Thu 10th April 2014

Four International Deals Completed in the last 12 months

In the last twelve months, Hornblower has completed four international deals, our last one being just last week: The sale of a AU$ 24m construction and engineering company in Queensland, Australia. The company was sold to a major civil engineering and construction group in Australia. The deal completed within 8 months of our approaching the...

Wed 29th January 2014

Will 2014 see increased M&A activity in the SME market?

2013 was a very good year for Hornblower and the M&A market in general with more deals, higher values and plenty of acquisitive buyers.  A quarter of our deals last year were international with deals concluded in Australia and in Denmark for a US based buyer. We are very positive about 2014 and here is...

Wed 17th April 2013

How to sell your business internationally

Have you considered selling your business internationally? While there are lots of potential buyers in the UK, your company may achieve a better sale price if you sell to an overseas business. The world’s economy has been interlinked for many years now, which means you have more options available. In fact figures show that more...

Wed 19th December 2012

Is property investment a good reason for selling your business?

Selling your business when you’re ready to retire is something you might expect an entrepreneur to do. But for some business owners, boredom or a desire for change means they decide to sell. According to an article by Cranfield University’s David Molian, a bored entrepreneur ‘is a dangerous beast’. He says, “They are dangerous because...

Wed 12th December 2012

Which businesses will sell well in 2013?

The festive season at the end of another year is often a time when business owners take their heads out of day to day operations and reflect on their future, both personally and for the business. For some this will mean planning their retirement or simply deciding to change course and finally focus on that...

Wed 10th October 2012

World Market Turmoil Impact on SME M&A

What does the world economy have to do with M&A for SMEs? With a volatile stock market, the continuation of the Euro zone in crisis, US presidential elections and commentators commenting on a long slow recovery, you may wonder what impact does this have on business sale and acquisition activity in the SME market? We...