Value your business and plan your financial future

Value your business and plan your financial future

Date: 10th October 2019
Time: Book a slot
Location: London

A single dashboard view of your current financial position is invaluable. Hornblower, with our partners at wealth managers, St James’ Place, would like to offer you exactly that.

Book an individual appointment for the first of our new Strategic Surgeries on the 10th October in London.

Sian Murray from Hornblower will analyse your business and its current realisable value. Joe Wilcox from St James’ Place will use their personal financial modelling platform and expertise to show how the returns from a sale will fund the future you have planned for you and your family.  And, should there be a gap, we can look at the performance metrics you require in your business to achieve the value you need to secure your long term goals.

By attending the surgery, you will come away with:

  1. A realistic valuation of your business,
  2. An understanding of how much do you need to achieve from a sale and how long do you need to continue working, and
  3. if you are looking 2-3 years ahead what do you need to do to enhance the valuation, particularly if our current valuation is not enough

There is never a better time than now to start to plan for your future.  Register for a place at our Strategic Surgery and benefit from joint expertise and advice that can really help you see your future clearly and take the right decisions.


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