FREE seminar in Central London – Friday 13th June 2014 – Would you buy your business?

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Wed 28th May 2014

Would you buy your business?

Hornblower Business Brokers would like to invite you to FREE Business Owners Seminar in Central London on Friday 13th June 2014 starting at 9am and finishing by 11.30am.  The session will involve an opportunity to meet other senior business leaders and a discussion forum to talk about some of the issues that you are facing around wanting to sell your business or about acquiring a business.

Whether you intend to sell your business now, or sometime in the future, preparing for the sale in advance is key to finding the right buyer and achieving the best deal value.

Hornblower has teamed up with Pro-Actions (Business Improvement Specialists), Druces (a London based law firm) and Kiemera (Commercial Finance experts) to put on this free seminar for business owners at the Druces offices near Moorgate, Central London.

For full details and to register your attendance, click here.

The aim of the seminar is to show you how to value your business, how to optimise the deal value on sale, and answer the question, would you or anyone-else buy your business?

This seminar will include 4 key speakers who will speak on:

  • How to value your business and typical deal structures
  • How to prepare for sale and optimise the sale value
  • How to make your business attractive to the buyer’s financial backers and their bank
  • How to make the legal transaction stress free


>> Reserve a place – click here.


Our Experts and Facilitators

Henry Campbell-Jones – Hornblower Business Brokers

Tony Ryan – Pro-Actions

Tim Isaacson – Kiemera Commercial Finance

Christopher Axford – Druces LLP

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