Freight Forwarder & Importer of Niche FMPG

Reference Number: HHH241

Location: Heathrow, London

Turnover: £6.5m

Status: Offers Invited

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Business Summary

An impressive opportunity has arisen to acquire a well-established, highly profitable Heathrow UK-based importer and distributor of Fast Moving Perishable Goods, supplying a niche market.

Over the period of 20 years, the company, has developed into a highly specialised importer, supplying a wide variety of live produce to UK customers, building a robust client base and serving a range of customers across the industry.

The company operates with a highly specialised team, with deep sector expertise. Through this expertise, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of worldwide suppliers, delivering services with a focus on best practices and adhering to International and UK legal and regulatory standards.

The company benefits from exclusive distribution rights in the UK for many of its suppliers. The produce is supplied mainly from Asia and the Americas, with little supplied from Europe. The company will, therefore, remain largely shielded from any impacts of Brexit on trading conditions and tariffs.

Over a number of years, the company has invested to create a bespoke, scalable system enabling the company to deliver a seamless service from source to end customer. With this specialist approach, the company has built a loyal customer base, as well as gaining a strong reputation from overseas suppliers, placing the company at an advantage in negotiations with existing and future suppliers.

This opportunity presents a highly desirable acquisition for an established player in the freight forwarding market or an investor with the means to grow this specialist company further.


  • 20 years of trading history
  • Exclusive UK distribution rights
  • Highly specialised team with deep knowledge of logistics industry
  • Dominant player in the UK market
  • Significant opportunities for growth
  • Portfolio of suppliers in 20+ countries, many exclusive
  • Bespoke, scalable system managing process from source to end customer

Financial overview

‘000’s 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Sales revenue £6,583 £6,840 £7,280 £6,977 £6,568
Gross profit £813 £707 £711 £710 £636
Percentage 12% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Adjusted EBITDA £477 £500 £494 £450 £397
Percentage 7% 7% 6% 6% 6%


  • Adjusted EBITDA is quoted having accounted for the replacement costs of the owners.
  • Offers are invited for the company shares
  • The Covid19 lockdown led the business to close temporarily from mid March to mid May. Whilst revenue for YE31st July 2020 is forecast to be £5.67m, June’s sales are back to pre-lockdown levels and the vendors expect demand to continue at this level.
Offers Invited

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