Niche software or Cloud based SAAS business

Niche software or Cloud based SAAS business

Turnover: £1m - £5m
Location: Various UK

We have a number of registered buyers looking for software and cloud based SAAS businesses in various sectors, for example:

- software for accountants to use in marketing and CRM, with locked in customer base

- software for estate agents for admin and management

- software for ordering replacement stationery in the cloud and in users workflow

- website for electronics designers business information (alongside magazine)

- website for SME’s to organise their online marketing campaigns

- business information and data sites in general etc.

In general the buyers are looking for software companies with

- longevity - trading for 10 yrs. or more

- stable profits and revenues, or even slight decline (not high growth)

- sources of sustainable competitive advantage, barriers to entry

- strong position in a niche

- operational management staying with business

- sensible sellers (not madly high expectations), selling for a reason

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